Belly-cum Porn Videos

The term "belly-cum" refers to a specific sexual act or fetish found in adult content. It is derived from the words 'belly' and 'cum', which are short for 'abdomen' and 'cumming' respectively. This tag is used when the male character ejaculates on the belly of the female character, often leading to the female spreading the semen with her hands or fingers before it is absorbed by her body. In the context of a porn video, this tag would be used to categorize scenes where this particular act takes place. It can also be associated with other related tags such as 'belly worship', where the male character may proceed to lick and play with the semen on the female's belly after ejaculation, or 'creampie', when the semen is left inside the female character's vagina without withdrawal. The appeal of this fetish can vary depending on individual preferences, but it generally involves a fascination with the act of ejaculating on a person's abdomen and the visual aspect of the semen being absorbed by the body. This cou