Ballard1912 Porn Videos

"ballard1912" appears to refer to a specific type or theme within a pornographic video. It seems to combine two elements: 1. "Ballard": This word could be an intentional misspelling of "ballard", which may refer to rough or forceful sex acts, such as ball-gagging or ball-busting (though the exact meaning can depend on context and regional slang). 2. "1912": This number might indicate a particular year related to the content or style of the video, or it could be an arbitrary choice by the creator. It could potentially refer to a specific event, era, or trend that is represented in the video. Without more context and considering this tag is for adult audience experienced with porn videos, "ballard1912" likely signifies a specific type of BDSM-oriented content involving rough play with the testicles, set within a historical or nostalgic context (potentially inspired by events or culture from 1912).